HSPM 380L: Food Production and Service Management Experience

The class is designed to give students practical, hands-on food service management experience. From the back of the house preparing food to serving as the front-of-house manager in the dining room, students rotate in different positions and learn all aspects of a food service operation during the semester.

Students learn to coordinate the various activities of the meal service when they are assigned the “Manager” position.

The setting for this class is the Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom, which has seating for approximately 90. A lunch meal is prepared by the students, Tuesday through Friday. The meal count includes the Tearoom guests as well as 30 students and kitchen staff.

Students have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have learned in other classes. New skills developed in the class are use of large quantity standardized recipes, operation of institutional equipment, and delivery of quality customer service.

Managerial leadership and decision-making skills are applied in a real-life setting.

The Food Production and Service Management Experience class provides students with excellent training, essential for a career in hospitality management and related areas.

HSPM 487: Fine Dining Management

Fine Dining Management takes the skills learned in HSPM 380L and “bumps them up a notch”. With instruction from nationally-known chefs, students explore haute cuisine and fine dining meal service. Teams of students plan, create, produce, and serve meals that truly are unique and outstanding. Imagination and creativity are required to successfully serve these gourmet meals.

HSPM 487 students must develop mathematical and critical thinking skills in the process of planning, coordinating, and costing the menu and meal service. Human resource management, endurance, and leadership skills are put to the test to produce high quality food and service.

Throughout the class, students are encouraged to aim for excellence in each and every aspect of the meal service. It is intended that upon completion of Fine Dining Management that students’ skills will be sharpened by pushing their talents to the limit.


Fine Dining Dinners are open to the public.


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