Data Analytic Lab

Location: LeBaron 67


What is the AESHM Data Analytic Lab?

The AESHM Data Analytic (ADA) Lab provides students experiential learning opportunities for data analytics, visualization, and presentation related to consumer experiences in apparel, hospitality, and events.


  • Dr. Doreen Chung: Connective Consumption- Social Network Analysis of Consumption-related social media data
  • Dr. Jewoo Kim in Social Data Program for Graduate research
  • Jerry Jin: Student monitor

Related Courses

  • AESHM 579x Data Analytics for AESHM
  • AMD 578X Social Network Analysis


The classroom can currently seat 10 students with a potential to expand to 15 students, ideal for a graduate class. 

Equipment and Software

  • Dell Latitude 7490 laptops (Qty: 10)
  • Wall-Mounted Touch Display (Trutouch 750VN Ultra-HD LED)
    • Solstice Gen 3 (Wireless Collaboration Gateway for unlimited users)
    • Logitech Meetup (Video Conference Camera, Speaker, and Microphone)
  • Mobile Display Cart (Samsung QB75R LED 4K display on a rolling display cart)
    • Solstice Gen 3 (Wireless Collaboration Gateway for unlimited users)
    • Logitech Meetup (Video Conference Camera, Speaker, and Microphone)
  • Dell Precision T3420 Stations (Qty: 1) for retail data analytics
    • IBM SPSS Amos
    • IBM SPSS Statistics
    • Anaconda3
    • JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition
    • Python 3.7
    • R 3.5.1
    • RStudio
    • Stata 14
  • Tableu (coming soon)
  • R Shiny package


  • Social Data Program (SDP) for Graduate Research
    • Data collection service for graduate students
    • If you are interested in this service, please submit this form (URL) to Dr. Jewoo Kim ( within a month after the start of each semester.


  • Use of Unstructured Data in the Dynamic Forecast of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry
    •  Grant Agency: Platformworks (Data Consulting Firm)
  • Researchers:
    • Dr. Jewoo Kim
    • Jiyeon Lee (HSPM PhD student)
  • Nov. 2020 – May. 2021
  • Connective Consumption- Political consumerism in the age of social media
  • Researchers:
    • Dr. Doreen Chung
  • Publication:
    • Chung, T.-L., Johnson, O., Hall-Phillips, A., & Kim, K. (2021). The effects of offline events on online connective actions: An examination of #BoycottNFL using social network analysis. Computers in Human Behavior, 115, 106623.
    • Johnson, O., Hall-Phillips, A., Chung, T.-L., & Cho, H. (2019). Are You Connected Through Consumption? The Role of Hashtags in Political Consumption. Social Media + Society, 5(4), 205630511988342.

Get Involved

We are recruiting undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in data analytics!

  • Social Data Program (SDP) for Graduate Research
    • Students will learn to conduct retail and service analytics-based research
    • Contact Dr. Jewoo Kim (
  • Connected Consumption- Fashion Revolution
    • Undergraduate students will:
      • learn basics of social network analysis and its applications
      • learn to conduct content analysis
      • Your involvement in this project can be an honor’s project or undergraduate research internship project. Please contact Dr. Doreen Chung first before applying for these opportunities.
    • Graduate students will:
      • will gain hands-on experience with conducting social network analysis
      • will gain hands-on experience with conducting content analysis
      • will obtain experience with grant project management and grant writing
      • Contact Dr. Doreen Chung (

Need More Information?

Dr. Doreen Chung

1056 LeBaron
626 Morrill Rd
Ames, IA 50011-2100