Support the Museum

Monetary donations to the Textiles and Clothing Museum may be made through the ISU Foundation; either by contacting senior development officer Jim Swanstrom or by using the online giving page.

Your donations support:

  1. Student engagement such as paid internships; paid work positions; student scholarships for working in or with the collection; supplies to enhance student curated projects to a professional museum level
  2. Research funds to assist students and faculty travel to present their research related to the objects in the collection; travel to utilize other archives and collections to enhance research in the ISU Textiles and Clothing Museum exhibitions
  3. Collection management needs such as boxes, archival materials, conservation hangers, and other related materials to preserve the objects
  4. Installation and mounting materials such as mannequins; batting; hardware; and other fabric
  5. Exhibition needs such as labels; catalogs; or other related media
  6. Technology such as subscription to our collection management software PastPerfect; computer work stations for students; digital technology for exhibitions such as video or interactive digital components
  7. Purchasing new objects for the collection that represent gaps in our collection needs to better serve the AMD curriculum
  8. Public programming costs such as speaker fees; travel costs for speakers; video editing services
  9. Accessibility needs such as having live interpreters at all events; live captioning; fees associated with accessibility consultation

Need More Information?

Textiles and Clothing Museum

Morrill Hall
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Mailing address
31 MacKay Hall
2302 Osborn Drive
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Kelly L. Reddy-Best

Please check the Visiting/Engaging with the Museum page for hours and the Galleries page for dates when the exhibitions are open for viewing.