Hospitality Management

From some of the world’s largest, high-class resorts and dining hot-spots to family-owned and run lodgings, graduates from the Iowa State University (ISU) hospitality management program are making their mark from coast to coast — and everywhere in between.

The ACPHA accredited hospitality management program at Iowa State is known world-wide for excellence in teaching, providing hands-on experience, and preparing you to be career ready. Your faculty are also leading researchers in the industry and that means you’re learning the most industry-relevant information from the people shaping the industry!

A top-ranked experience

Our overall program is ranked in the top three precent of programs in the nation by College Factual with our undergraduate bachelor’s degree in the top four percent of programs.

Program information and learning outcomes

The Hospitality Management program mission is to create, share, and apply knowledge to provide hospitality consumers with products, services, and experiences to enhance overall well-being. We accomplish our mission with a personalized, nationally ranked program. Our students learn in a nurturing, safe, and inclusive environment, with caring faculty with industry experience. 

Upon graduation, students should be able to:

  • Identify and apply the knowledge and skills necessary for hospitality and tourism operations
  • Develop and integrate a core set of business skills necessary to successfully operate a hospitality and tourism organization
  • Demonstrate competence in the communication skills necessary for hospitality and tourism management
  • Formulate business decisions in hospitality and tourism management
  • Evaluate leadership principles necessary in the diverse and global hospitality and tourism industry

Curriculum requirements

4-Year plans

Past syllabi

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Facilities and laboratories

Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom is a non-profit, teaching operation in a hands-on learning lab that serves approximately 100 guests. The HSP M 380L: Food Production Management Experience class operates the Tearoom. Meal service is provided for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

In the Student Innovation Center, you can find SPARKS, a 100% student-run café operated by the AESHM Department.  Students learn to manage daily business decision regarding inventory, food safety, hiring, product pricing, and marketing.  You can also find the Culinary Creation Lab in the Student Innovation Center, where students can express their creativity in hospitality management courses like HSP M 393C: Innovations in Chocolate, HSP M 393F: Culinary Fusion, and HSP M 280: Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Café Operations.


Dr. Eric Brown, Program Director

Dr. SoJung Lee, Director of Graduate Education for Hospitality Management

Dr. Susan Arendt

Stewart Burger, M.S.

Carolyn Elbert, M.S.

Dr. Eunha Jeong

Dr. Jewoo Kim

John Kramer, M.S.

Dr. Anirudh Naig

Dr. Thomas Schrier

Dr. Liang Tang

Dr. Tianshu Zheng

Hospitality management study abroad programs

The hospitality management program offers various international opportunities through the College of Human Sciences International Programs office. In AESHM 381D: Introduction to the Bahamas, students gain practical knowledge/experience in tourism, business, hospitality, and/or hotel and restaurant management while understanding how the country’s history has shaped its industries.

Careers and internships

The Hospitality Management program prepares students with essential principles of managing a variety of hospitality organizations, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, and foodservice companies. Students also develop expertise in managing diverse areas, such as food/beverage management, lodging management, senior living management, and tourism and attractions.  

Our students participate in internships locally, nationally, and internationally with a range of hotels, restaurants, caterers, theme parks, sports facilities, cruise ships convention and visitors bureaus, independent businesses, and country clubs.  Students research potential internships and employers in two classes, AESHM 111: Professional Development for AESHM and AESHM 311: Seminar on Careers and Internships.  Talk to your internship coordinator for more information.

Career services
Prepare for your next job or internship with Career Services, where staff help you with job and internship searches, career fairs, interview preparation, and resume/cover letter reviews.

Look at a list of career possibilities inside the hospitality management industry. See where other students have interned at Career Connections.

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Academic policies

University academic policies and procedures can be found on the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost website.  Class specific policies can be found in their respective syllabi.

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