AESHM Foodservice Research Lab

AESHM Foodservice Research Lab is the bridge to foodservice research at Iowa State University and is housed within the department of apparel, events, and hospitality management (AESHM). Our research lab is pursuing knowledge and creating breakthroughs in food service research. 

In accordance with the overall mission, AESHM Foodservice Research Lab is dedicated to conducting rigorous research to create innovative and applicable knowledge to support the advancement of the food service and hospitality industry.

We aspire to support undergraduate and graduate students through state-of-the-art food service research and provide educational research opportunities for them to pursue educational advancement. The Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom and Sparks are designed to deliver a beyond-the-classroom experience for the student. Our lab researchers have access to and corporative relationship with two facilities that entitle our researchers to practice a theoretical-based approach with practical research. We contribute to the advancement of the hospitality and food service industries. 

Research areas  

The Foodservice Research Lab will specialize in research on, including the following areas, but not limited: 

  • Marketing  
  • Consumer behaviors 
  • Finance & Accounting 
  • Sustainability  
  • Food safety and sanitation 
  • Food and Beverage Cost Control  
  • Foodservice operation Human Resource Management 
  • Managerial and employee behaviors 
  • F&B equipment and Environmental Design 
  • Latest trend in the foodservice industry