Digital Apparel and Textiles Studio (DATS Lab)

The Digital Apparel and Textiles Studio (DATS Lab) houses a Mimaki Tx300P-1800 wide format printer, a Jetsteam steamer, Melco EMT 16X computerized embroidery equipment, Trotec Speedy 400 Laser Cutter, MakerBot 3D printer, HP colored plotter, and a Lectra digitizing table.

  • The 8-color Mimaki printer allows creation of photorealistic images with no limit to the range of color possible. Fabrics that can be printed include cottons of all types and various silk.
  • Students and faculty create both printed yardage and engineered prints for apparel from computer illustrations and photographic images.
  • Students have the opportunity to incorporate digitally printed textiles into their projects and many take advantage of this exciting technology.
  • The Melco EMT16X is a 16-needle commercial embroidery machine that features a high-speed stitching of up to 1500 stitches per minute, patented thread control technology, and automatic tension adjustments. The machine operates with precise laser registration of designs and also allows for easy hat and pocket embroidery.
  • The Speedy 400 laser cutter by Trotec USA is a high-efficiency laser cutter with a maximum engraving speed of 4.2 m/s and laser power of up to 250 Watts. The machine has a variety of features that allow for clean lines in cutting, ergonomic and user-friendly design choices, stability of materials, and two laser sources allowing for multiple materials in one job.
  • The MakerBot Replicator Z18 is an extra-large 3D printer. This 2,549 cubic inches build volume allows for larger printing at a lower cost than traditional industrial 3D printers and the materials used are non-toxic and warp-resistant. 
  • Undergraduate and graduate students have won numerous awards for designs created with the facilities in the DATS lab.

Learn how students used the digital textile printer to design and create scarves.

For more information, please contact Yvonne Lee at or at 515-294-7474.