The Meeting Room Lab Policies

  • Please leave TMR as it was when you arrived. If you rearrange any furniture, it should be returned to the original arrangement at the end of your meeting/study group.
  • Please make sure that you pick up all personal belongings before you leave TMR.
  • No equipment is allowed to leave TMR unless you have permission and have completed the check-out process.
  • All trash resulting from any meeting/study group must be picked up before leaving TMR.
  • No Food or Beverages are allowed in TMR except for water.
  • To connect your laptop to the TV in the room, follow the ‘Display Instructions’ on the table
    • If using the cable cord and/or adaptor, please make sure to leave them connected to the TV when done
    • If using Solstice, please follow the ‘Display Instructions’
  • To connect your smartphone/tablet wirelessly to the TV, make sure that your device is on the IASTATE network otherwise it won’t work.