Request a Class Visit

Instructors at any school (K-12 and colleges/universities) can request for their classes to visit the Textiles and Clothing Museum.

  • Provide a list of days and times between Monday and Friday that you would like your class to visit. Provide it in a list format following the template below.
    Monday, Oct 5 10-11am; 3-5pm
    Tuesday, Oct 6 12-3pm; 4-5pm
  • Before the appointment, I understand I must inform the students of the following:
    • The white gloves provided by the museum must be worn at all times by visitors.
    • White gloves will be put in the “dirty” glove bin at the end of the session by visitors.
    • Objects in storage drawers and on racks can be touched gently and with great care by visitors while wearing gloves.
    • Objects cannot be removed from their location by visitors.
    • Visitors cannot have food or drink in the collection storage space.
    • Visitors must be respectful of others in the collection area by not talking on the phone or talking loudly to others in the space.
    • Visitors must clear their space after use.
    • Visitors must respect that others in the space are working and may not be able to answer questions at that time.

If during the academic semester you do not receive a response within 5 business days, please contact Dr. Kelly Reddy-Best at

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Please check the Visiting/Engaging with the Museum page for hours and the Galleries page for dates when the exhibitions are open for viewing.