In the Lab for Heat and Thermal Protection, we can simulate heat and thermal hazards and conduct fabric performance analysis. This simulation is to mimic actual occupational environment that might occur to first responders, fire fighters, police officers, military personnel, and health care workers. These hazards include fire flame, radiant heat, high pressured steam, hot liquid splash and so forth. With these facilities, we will be able to evaluate fabric and clothing performance and predict injuries. The degree of burn injuries, and safe working time can be predicted based on combination of heat and moisture transfer and human physiological model.

In this facility, we carry out the following tasks:

  • thermal hazard simulations
  • textile material and ensemble components and systems performance prediction modeling
  • thermal degradation studies
  • off-gassing studies
  • new material development

Measured parameters include: Thermal Protective Performance (TPP), Radiant Protective Performance (RPP), fabric stored energy, immersion performance, hot liquid and steam protection, as well as cone calorimetric thermal degradation measurements.

Thermal Protective Performance Tester(TPP/HTP)

The thermal protective performance tester/heat transfer performance tester (TPP/HTP) can measure the conductive and convective heat transferred and stored by the test specimen during exposure to heat. These measurements allows us to predict the time of exposure until the occurrence of second degree skin burns, thus assessing the thermal protective performance of a specimen.

Off-Gassing Tester

The off-gassing tester is specifically designed to work with the TPP tester to collect the off-gas released during and after exposing a specimen to heat. The off-gas can be collected in gas form or in designated chemical solutions for further study such as gas analysis and/or GS-MS analysis.

Radiant Protective Performance Tester (RPP)

The Radiant protective performance tester can measure the radiant and convective heat transferred through the test specimen during the period of exposure. This measurement can be used to predict the time to second degree burns and thus provide an evaluation of the specimen’s radiant protective performance.

Steam and Hot Liquid Splash and Immerse Tester

The steam and hot liquid splash and immersion tester can simulate exposure to hazards such as high-pressure steam jet, hot liquid splash, and immersion in a hot liquid with or without applying compression. The tests measure the total heat transferred to the specimen and predict the burn time as a function of exposure time, compression pressure and time.

Cone Calorimeter

The cone calorimeter is used to study the thermal degradation of the test specimen for different radiant heat flux levels. It provides information such as the heat release rate, total heat release, smoke release rate, and weight loss rate. In addition, a specifically designed skin simulant sensor will be attached to the specimen to measure the heat transferred to a human during the thermal degradation process which allows to predict the burn time.

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