Common Threads

The Common Threads Learning Community consists of first-year students enrolled in the undergraduate apparel, merchandising, and design major. The goal of Common Threads is to provide students with a variety of academic and life experiences.

Common Threads Classes

Common Threads students will attend a common set of classes together. Knowing classmates from the start of the semester helps the student adjust to the academic rigor of college by forming immediate connections and friendships.

An academic link between English and a first-year apparel, merchandising, and design class enables students to enhance their learning experience by drawing upon content from one class to use in another.

During the first semester, Common Threads:

  • Students take AESHM 111 and 111L: Professional Development for the Fashion Industry in special sections reserved for design and merchandising focused students. 
  • For students taking English 150, reading and writing assignments are tailored to reflect topics of interest to students in the apparel major.
  • First semester AMD students will enroll in at least two apparel classes:
    • AMD 131: Fashion Products and Markets
    • AMD 165: Dress, Appearance, and Diversity in Society

AMD students can also take AMD 178: Introduction to Apparel Design Studio for Creative & Tech Design, Product Development and Innovation, and Product Management and Sourcing options.

Common Threads Activities

In addition to the connections students make in class, the learning community employs peer mentors who arrange for academic and extracurricular activities to enhance the college experience. Peer mentors may arrange for:

  • Field trips
  • End-of-semester gatherings with faculty
  • Study sessions
  • Project work sessions

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All first-year AMD students are members of Common Threads featuring the academic and social experiences. 

For students preferring to meet and live with students in their majors, there are 28 spaces on second floor Maple Hall in Forbes House. In the residence hall contracting process, students should indicate they wish to live in the learning community related to their major.

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