The Directions Learning Community consists of first-year students enrolled in the undergraduate majors of event management and hospitality management. Through common classes, social opportunities, field trips, community service work, and more students are able to meet others in their major and feel connected to their major early on at Iowa State. 

Majors Eligible to Join

All first-year students in event management and hospitality management


This is a non-residential learning community. (This means, students can live anywhere and participate.)


Students in the Directions Learning Community have the option of taking common classes together.  These courses typically include:

  • AESHM 111X. Professional Development (REQUIRED)
  • AESHM 111L. Orientation, Careers, and Learning Community (Required)
  • ENGL 150. This is a special section of the course specifically for Event and Hospitality majors.  Some assignments will be integrated with topics learned in the event and hospitality industry.
  • HSP M 101. Hospitality Management. (REQUIRED)
  • EVENT 171. Introduction to Event Management. (For event management majors.)
  • FS HN 167. Human Nutrition.
  • SOC 134. Introduction to Sociology

How to Sign Up

To get the most from your experience, join the learning community during your first-year orientation.

Peer Mentors

Each year the learning community has 2-3 peer mentors who are sophomores, juniors, or seniors in event management and/or hospitality management. Peer mentors come to AESHM 111L regularly and participate in and even lead class discussion. They act as another resource on campus for students—giving advice, suggestions, and support. In addition to this, peer mentors also plan social opportunities, educational events, and study sessions for the learning community participants.

Need More Information?

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