Audrey McMillan

In the future, Audrey McMillan hopes to work for an internationally-based fashion company. When she isn’t studying, Audrey can be found listening to music on her record player, going on walks, hanging out with friends, and attending barre workout classes.

Get to know Audrey 

  • Majors: Apparel, merchandising, and design, with merchandising option, and Spanish
  • Class: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Victoria, Minnesota
  • Career goal: buyer for internationally-based company
  • Clubs/activities: Honors Program, Common Threads peer mentor, Kappa Delta sorority, Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, AMD 210 teaching assistant, The Fashion Show, TREND magazine, Tennis Club, National Retail Federation, Dance Marathon, KURE Alternative Radio Station
  • Awards/honors/scholarships: Noma Scott Lloyd Memorial Scholarship, Dean’s List, Top 2% Academic Ranking in College of Human Sciences and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Favorite place on campus: The Hub
  • Most Influential ISU mentor: Eulanda Sanders
  • Favorite class: JL MC 390J, Fashion and Beauty Writing; AMD 376, Merchandise Planning and Buying
  • Why Iowa State: The countless opportunities provided

Audrey McMillan uses skills, experience in pursuit of dynamic career with international fashion brand

When she was young, Audrey McMillan would try on crazy outfits just to see what she could come up with. Even in Kindergarten, she knew she was passionate about fashion.

“In Kindergarten, we had to present in front of the class and say what we wanted to be in the future,” Audrey said. “Most people went around and said typical things like a doctor or a firefighter. I told everyone that I wanted to own a clothing store.”

When she first learned of the merchandising side of fashion in middle school, Audrey knew it was something she desired to pursue. She started looking at colleges in eighth grade, and Iowa State University always stuck out to her due to the nationally-ranked fashion program and its diverse opportunities.

“I knew I did not want to go to a strictly fashion [only] school because there are so many other things I’m interested in and wanted to get out of my college experience,” Audrey said.

Now, often seen sporting a pair of bright red Chuck Taylors, Audrey is in her sophomore year at Iowa State University double majoring in apparel, merchandising, and design with an emphasis in merchandising, and Spanish.

“[Apparel merchandising] is kind of a mixture between the creative side [of fashion] but also numbers and analytics—which I love just because I’m both creatively minded, but I also do love looking at statistics,” Audrey said. “It’s really a balance between the two.” 

Audrey’s well-rounded involvement at Iowa State has allowed her to obtain many leadership opportunities and experiences—including being promoted to HR supervisor for Innovate 1858, the student-operated retail store located within the Student Innovation Center. Through her position, Audrey has been immersed in buying, standard procedure, employee training and onboarding, creating policies, and working with employee and management teams.

“I’m doing a lot of hands-on things [at Innovate 1858],” Audrey said. “It’s been a great opportunity to see how the retail environment functions on many levels.”

With dreams to work for Zara, a Spain-based apparel company, Audrey is excited about what the future holds. 

“There have been so many changes [in fashion] even in recent years with technology and sustainability,” Audrey said. “Being able to be a part of an industry that is so fast-moving and changing with society and the times is something I think will be really worthwhile for me.”

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