Aleah Anderson

In the future, Aleah hopes to work as a wedding planner both locally and internationally. When she isn’t studying, Aleah can be found shopping at, local boutique, Portobello Road or eating on the patio at Stomping Grounds.

Get to know Aleah

  • Major: Event management
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Waukee, Iowa (Dallas County)
  • Career goal: Event coordinator 
  • Clubs/activities: Directions Learning Community peer mentor, TREND magazine, Delta Zeta sorority
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list
  • Favorite place on campus: Central campus
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Will Hatchet
  • Favorite class: EVENT 230x, Event Management Sophomore Mentorship; EVENT 373, Wedding Planning and Management; EVENT 379, Nonprofit Fundraising Event Planning 
  • Why Iowa State: The event management program

Aleah Anderson aquires leadership experience through peer mentoring, prepares for career with internship

Aleah Anderson, a senior studying event management, has always enjoyed hosting events that make people feel special. When she was young, she was always in charge of organizing her neighborhood’s annual block party and talent show. When it came time to make a college decision, the event management program at Iowa State seemed like the perfect fit. 

“I knew I would bever be working an office job,” Aleah said. “I need to interact with people because I love to talk—I’m a huge people person!” 

Since being at Iowa State, Aleah has immersed herself in many involvement opportunities. Being a Directions Learning Community peer mentor has benefited her in more ways than one. 

“[Peer mentoring] gave me the ability to have a leadership role in a way that helps other students coming in as freshmen,” Aleah said. “Being able to help other students if they need it or meet with them one on one, and being able to relate to them because I went through it as well, was something I enjoyed.”

Aleah also worked on the events and advertising committee for TREND magazine. This gave her hands-on experience, such as creating mood boards, touring venues, and helping plan release parties.  

“I was really scared of [TREND magazine] at first because I heard it was a fashion magazine, and I am not a fashion person,” Aleah said. “There are a lot of other different committees that are going to help benefit you in some sort of way, so it’s not just fashion majors.” 

In addition to involvement at Iowa State, Aleah also has experience working as a wedding coordinator intern at Honey & Joy Events. Here, she learned the intricate details that encapsulate each step of the planning process and the joy a well-planned event brings to clients. 

“I feel like you don’t realize how much of an impact you make [on clients],” Aleah said. “Just getting feedback from different brides and grooms we’ve worked with this year was super awesome to hear.”

Through her experiences, Aleah feels she has been adequately prepared to work with her own clients someday. 

“It all comes down to involvement and helping benefit yourself for the future,” Aleah said. 

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