Concurrent Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree

Hospitality Management (HSP M) offers a concurrent degree program between Bachelor of Science (BS) major in Hospitality Management and Master of Science (MS) major with a thesis and non-thesis option. The concurrent degree program is designed to address the needs of students who wish to expedite the completion of a master’s degree and make students eligible to engage in teaching and research activities during their concurrent program. The concurrent degree allows many students to complete a bachelors and masters within 4.5 or 5.5 years, taking graduate and undergraduate courses simultaneously in the 4th year and beyond. The concurrent program will open opportunities to teach in community colleges and provides a competitive advantage when seeking managerial positions in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Students complete the standard graduate school application form and Concurrent Enrollment Request Form in their junior year. Students must submit the required admission materials found here. Hospitality Management graduate faculty will review the application using the same criteria for all other applications with the exception of having completed the bachelor’s degree before admission.

Applicants will satisfy all graduation requirements for the BS degree with 15~21 credit hours remaining in the graduate program of study. Criteria include a GPA of 3.0/4.0, three supportive letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose that identifies a match between the student’s interests and faculty expertise.