Irma Guzman

Irma Guzman wants to work as a fashion buyer, in social media marketing, and own her own streetwear clothing brand. When Irma isn’t busy studying, she loves to create mood boards, thrift, read about upcoming fashion trends, and drink coffee.

Get to know Irma 

  • Majors: Apparel, merchandising, and design, and marketing 
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Denison, Iowa (Crawford County)
  • Career goal: Fashion buyer, social media marketer, streetwear clothing brand owner
  • Clubs/activities: The Fashion Show, TREND Magazine, Honor Program, National Retail Federation (NRF), Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF)
  • Awards/honors: Multicultural Vision Program Scholarship (MVP), Deans list, Human Science General Scholarship Fund, ISU General Scholarship Fund, Norma Scott Lloyd Memorial Scholarship, Textiles and Clothing Scholarship Fund
  • Favorite place on campus: Student Innovation Center, Memorial Union, Gerdin Business Building
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Ann Thye
  • Favorite class: AMD 210, Computer Applications in Digital Design 
  • Why Iowa State: The atmosphere, campus, diversity, and AMD program

Irma Guzman hones her craft through lab monitor experience, ISU clubs 

During a visit to Iowa State University, Irma Guzman attended Behind the Scenes Day for the Iowa State Fashion Show. It was through this experience that her decision was finalized: she would be attending Iowa State and pursuing apparel, merchandising, and design as her major. 

Now a junior, Irma has gained copious amounts of experience and confidence in her craft. Working as a Digital Apparel and Textiles Studio (DATS) lab monitor has given her the opportunity to test out a plethora of innovative technology. 

“I get to work with the 3D printer, embroidery machine, fabric machine, laser cutter, and poster printer. The DATS Lab helps students get first-hand experience in digital apparel,” Irma said.

Through the DATS Lab, students get to connect and collaborate with various classes and the community. They recently embroidered aprons for a lab class.

Outside of her work as a lab monitor, Irma is also an Iowa State Pink Campus Representative. Through this job, she helps connect the Victoria’s Secret PINK brand with students and involve them in different  activities and giveaways. 

“Being able to give back to others and see how excited people are about free giveaways is awesome,” she said.

Irma is also actively involved with Iowa State organizations including the Fashion Show and TREND Magazine. She helped direct photoshoots for TREND Magazine and currently is a part of the social media committee for The Fashion Show. 

Being extremely passionate about her future career has led Irma to consider multiple career paths. She’s interested in becoming a fashion buyer, working in social media marketing, and/or owning her own streetwear clothing brand. 

She’s also interested in tech-wear, which is a type of fashion that serves more of a purpose than simply covering the body. While offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal, it can offer more breathability, water-resistance, and so much more.

“My fashion inspiration comes from Japanese fashion. I love their fashion and their culture in general,” Irma said. “I want to combine U.S. street fashion and Japanese street fashion to make simple, everyday wearable clothing.”

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