LeBaron Gallery Exhibitions

The LeBaron Gallery is located outside the 1009 LeBaron Hall Conference Room. It includes two moveable cases made of plexi-glass with a wood base and is large enough to hold about three mannequins (75” x 35.5” x 35.5”). It also features a modular text railing consisting of weighted bases and posts and easily changeable graphics panels. The gallery features student and faculty curated exhibitions utilizing objects from the permanent collection and also loaned or newly acquired objects depending upon the exhibition topic. Students and faculty have the opportunity to plan, curate, and install all of the exhibitions. If you have an idea, you can pitch your exhibition here!

The cost is free.

Exhibition Currently on View

Trans YouTubers and DIY undergarments: Influencers, Identity, and Community Building

Opening April 2022

This exhibition highlights how trans YouTubers design trans-supportive undergarments and communicate how to make them at home. It also explores the broader context of these objects in relation to influencer identity, trans experiences, activism, and personal storytelling on YouTube.

Curated by Kyra Streck, MS student in Apparel Merchandising and Design and the Agatha Huepenbecker Burnet endowed graduate teaching and research assistant at the ISU Textiles and Clothing Museum.

Past Exhibitions

1960s Revolution

January 2022 to April 2022

Some women in the 1960s felt that the way they were dressing was conforming to society, and they needed a way to fully express themselves and their freedom. With changing styles from shorter hemlines to blue jeans, women used dress to their advantage and were part of starting a feminist movement to reject mainstream society. The objects displayed can be seen as the visual representation of what it meant for women to have more control of their rights and freedom. Minidresses were a way for women to escape society’s idea that they were to be housewives and not be too revealing in their clothing choices. Eventually, the styles influenced the younger generation, making the youthquake erupt. The corresponding images from Vogue highlight similar styles in high fashion magazines.

Curated by Jessica Zuniga, undergraduate student in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design and curatorial and collections manager student assistant in the ISU Textiles and Clothing Museum.

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