AESHM Assistantships

The AESHM Department offers teaching and research assistantship opportunities for Ph.D. and Master’s students applying to the program by March 1st.  Assistantships are highly competitive, so please apply by February 1st for the best chance at consideration.  Most assistantships are appointed on a full academic-year basis (August-May).

Assistantship applications will be sent to eligible students upon admission to the program.  Admission and program requirement information can be found at Office of Admissions.

Stipends and Tuition Scholarships

The AESHM Department adheres to the minimum stipend rates determined by the university.  Stipends depend on the graduate assistant’s FTE and appointment term. For up-to-date stipend rates, check out the Graduate College website.

Graduate Assistant tuition scholarships are awarded based on the graduate assistant’s FTE and degree level. These scholarships do not cover other mandatory fees.  For more details, please refer to the Graduate College Handbook.

Need More Information?

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