Behind the Scenes Day 2021

April 10 and 11

Behind the Scenes Day 2021 will be a virtual event. On the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday prior to the start of “Fashion Week,” the Behind the Scenes committee will deliver a virtual event. Participate in real-time virtual student panel sessions and select from a library of activities, talks, and behind the scenes looks at the Iowa State Fashion Show and the apparel, merchandising, and design major at Iowa State. Register in advance for the schedule of events and links.

Registration is open. If you have questions, contact

Behind the Scenes Day April 2022

Behind the Scenes Day is designed for both prospective students and their family members and high school fashion students and their teachers. During the day, students will participate in mini activities, hear from students about their college experiences, and interact with faculty. The day ends with a viewing of the final dress rehearsal of the Iowa State University Fashion Show and Design Competition.

Learn more about the Fashion Show.

Register for BTS 22 in February 2022: Registration for Behind the Scenes opens mid-February of 2022.

Cost: There is a charge of $10.00 per attendee for Behind the Scenes Day, which must be paid at time of registration.

Parental permission and chaperones:  Youth program policies at Iowa State University require all students to submit a Parental Permission/Participation Agreement, which can be completed after you have successfully registered for the event. High school groups must have 1 chaperone per 8 student attendees; school groups are limited to 16 student attendees. 

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