Textile Design

The undergraduate minor in Textile Design allows students to focus specifically on the design and creation of textiles – a practice with applications in the fine arts, fashion, and related fields. Open to undergraduates at the sophomore level and above enrolled in any College of Design major or in the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design major in the College of Human Sciences.

Through this minor, students will:

  • learn historical and contemporary applications of textile production
  • develop conceptual skills in textile media and techniques such as printing, dyeing, and weaving for self-expression
  • develop technical skills in both hand skills and digital tools
  • demonstrate the ability for critical thinking through visual, verbal, and written communications with an emphasis on what it means to be an artist/designer using textile media and techniques
  • strengthen individual portfolios to position themselves for success in their chosen field after graduation

Students must complete 16-18 credits of Textile Design coursework to receive the minor. At least 9 of the 16-18 credits must not be used to meet any other department, college or university requirements except the credit requirement for graduation.

CourseCourse NameCredits
Required Core:6
AMD 204Textile Science
ARTIS 214Studio Fundamentals: Textiles
History/Theory (choose one of the following):3
AMD 362Cultural Perspectives of Dress
ART H 292Introduction to Visual Culture Studios
ART H 280History of Art I
ART H 281History of Art II
Practice (choose two of the following):6
AMD 121Apparel Assembly Processes
AMD 490Independent Study
ARTIS 208Color
ARTIS 345Woven Textile Structures
ARTIS 346Natural Dyes
ARTIS 347Printed Textile Design
ARTIS 448Digital Textile Design
ARTIS 490EIndependent Study: Textiles
Electives (choose from the following):3-5
AMD 354History of European and North American Dress
AMD 356History of Twentieth Century Fashion
ARTIS 206Studio Fundamentals: Printmaking
ARTIS 213Studio Fundamentals: Painting
ARTIS 310Sources and Methods of Visual Art
ART H 382Art and Architecture of Asia
ART H 384Art of Islam
DSN S 131Drawing I
Total Credits18-20

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