Reegan Den Adel

Reegan Den Adel hopes to someday work with large companies and corporations to plan large-scale events. When Reegan isn’t studying, she enjoys hanging out at friends, watching movies, and shopping.

Get to know Reegan

  • Major: Event management 
  • Minors: Hospitality management and general business 
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Madrid, Iowa (Boone County)
  • Career goal: Work with large companies to plan events and incentive trips
  • Clubs/activities: CHS Ambassadors, Event Management Club
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list
  • Favorite place on campus: MacKay Hall
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Jamie Beyer and Stacey Wertzberger
  • Favorite class: EVENT 328; Incentive Meeting Management
  • Why Iowa State: Fell in love with the campus and event management program

Reegan Den Adel applies passion for connection to corporate event planning career

First unsure of what the future would hold concerning her career, Reegan Den Adel quickly found that the event management program at Iowa State University was a good fit for her after touring the campus.

“There was a panel of some advisors and some teachers talking about the [event management] program and I absolutely loved it,” Reegan said.

Reegan added a general business minor in hopes of making herself more marketable to employers. She also added a hospitality minor to enhance her eye for special touches and broaden her industry knowledge.

“If I want to add something to the event and spruce it up, I know something I could do to help out,” Reegan said. “I wanted to add [a hospitality minor] just to get more of that hotel and restaurant side of it to have more knowledge.”

Reegan remains involved on campus as a College of Human Sciences ambassador and by participating in the Event Management Club, which has greatly benefited her throughout her college career.

“I like that [the Event Management Club] is all event students, so there are seniors and there are freshmen,” Reegan said. “It’s nice to reach out to the other students and see what they’re doing, and what they’ve experienced.” 

The summer after her freshman year, Reegan obtained an experience that only confirmed her career path decision. She worked closely with a private event planner in Tampa, Florida, where together they put on birthday parties, weddings, and many other events throughout the summer. Reegan also worked at Island Way Grill, a restaurant located in Clearwater, Florida, where she experienced catering and the events side of the restaurant industry.

“It was interesting to see [the private event planner] starting her own company, how she was able to do it, and what it took for her to do it, and a restaurant and how its establishment was going,” Reegan said. I got to see two completely different sides of the industry, even though they are still in event management.”

This spring, Reegan looks forward to beginning an internship with the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation, where she will help execute events and personally work with foundation donors. 

After graduation, Reegan hopes to plan large-scale events like conventions and incentive trips for a corporation, and continuously build connections with others.

“[Event management] is the people industry,” Reegan said. “You’re there to help others, so that is what I enjoy most about the industry.”

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