Claire Turner

Claire Turner hopes to become a non-profit event coordinator. When Claire isn’t studying, she enjoys hammocking on central campus.

Get to know Claire

  • Major: Event management
  • Class: Senior
  • Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Career goal: Non-profit event coordinator
  • Clubs/activities: Event Management Club; CHS Ambassadors
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list
  • Favorite place on campus: Central campus
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Elizabeth Harris
  • Why Iowa State: Sense of community

Claire Turner’s internship illuminates her joy of planning philanthropic events for communities

Iowa State University was the only college that Claire Turner applied to, because she knew it was the only place she wanted to be. After visiting the campus, she discovered a supportive environment that would allow her to explore her interests.

“When I came [to Iowa State], I felt at home and gained my sense of community. People I didn’t even know were trying to help me,” Claire said. “It’s just the Midwest mentality here.”

Along with a supportive environment, Claire found a program that facilitates her needs and helps her succeed. The summer after her junior year, Claire began an event management internship with the Omaha Equestrian Foundation. She worked with their community outreach program to teach children about animals and the animal health industry.

Claire contributed to the foundation by organizing fundraisers, planning vendor layouts, and creating advertisements and event invitations. She realized she was most enthusiastic for using her event management skills in philanthropic settings.

“I liked seeing all the pictures and letters from the kids and their families. It was cool to see the impact [event management] can have on people and families,” she said. “At the end of the day, you go home and can be happy about what you did.”

Back at Iowa State to finish out her senior year, Claire doesn’t plan on slowing down. She is involved in the Event Management Club, in which she attends guest lectures, networks with other students in event management, and connects with industry professionals. She highly encourages event management students to get involved and be active to gain practice in the industry.

“Just make sure you’re getting involved,” Claire said. “You’ll make more friends and get more experience in your field, directly or indirectly, to find out what you like to do. It helps you to be confident.”

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