Graduate assistantships are offered selectively to qualified applicants. For more details, refer to the apparel, events, and hospitality management.

Graduate assistants on half-time appointment give 20 hours per week of service to the department.

  • Graduate assistants on quarter-time appointment give ten hours per week of service to the department.
  • Teaching assistants (TAs) are assigned to faculty in various subject areas within the department. Master’s TAs assist faculty in preparing teaching materials and in course evaluation. They are expected to participate in the planning of course subject matter and may be asked to teach a class or assist students in laboratory work. They are generally not assigned full responsibility for teaching four to six credit hours.
  • Research assistants (RAs) are assigned to an ongoing or a new research project. The student’s thesis research may be related to that assistantship, but is not necessarily a part of it. Depending on when the research assistant comes to a research project, he or she may be involved in the planning, collecting, data, analysis of data, or writing of the final report.
  • Administrative assistants are assigned to work with the department chair and/or associate chairs on a variety of department activities.
  • Most assistantships are for nine months, though some research assistantships continue for 12 months.

We encourage all graduate students, regardless of whether they are on assistantship, to be involved with research and teaching activities through independent studies, voluntary collaboration on faculty projects, and teamwork efforts with other graduate students. To be eligible for an assistantship through the Department of Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management (AESHM), a graduate student must:

  • Be accepted into the graduate program in the AESHM Department at Iowa State University at either full or provisional level.
  • Have good English written and oral communication skills.
  • Have skills and expertise relevant to teaching and research needs.
  • Apply for an assistantship. Both new and returning students must apply for an assistantship on an annual basis.

Selection Criteria

Graduate assistantships for new students are offered based on the following:

  • Grade point average
  • Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Skills and/or experiences that meet needs within the department

Continuing students are offered assistantships based on the following:

  • Their satisfactory performance on the current assistantship
  • Department needs
  • Satisfactory progress in the program of study

For the current academic year, graduate assistantships offer the following salaries:

AppointmentM.S. studentPh.D. student
1/4-time   appointment (10 hours)690.25/month737.50/month
1/2-time   appointment (20 hours)1,380.50/month1,475.50/month

Assistantship Tuition

Along with the assistantship appointment, the student will receive tuition scholarship that covers the student’s tuition as follows:

AppointmentM.S. studentPh.D. student
1/4-time   appointment (10 hours)890.00 (25% of tuition)1,780.00 (50% of tuition)
1/2-time   appointment (20 hours)1,780.00 (50% of tuition)3,560.00 (100% of tuition)

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