Request a Non-ISU Class Visit

Instructors and teachers outside of Iowa State University can request for their classes to visit the Textiles and Clothing Museum. Please note that we do prioritize our resources to Iowa State student experiences and will do our best to fulfill your request.

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  • Provide a list of days and times between Monday and Friday that you would like your class to visit. Provide it in a list format following the template below.
    Monday, Oct 5 10-11am; 3-5pm
    Tuesday, Oct 6 12-3pm; 4-5pm
  • Before the appointment, I understand I must inform the students of the following:
    • The white gloves provided by the museum must be worn at all times by visitors.
    • White gloves will be put in the “dirty” glove bin at the end of the session by visitors.
    • Objects in storage drawers and on racks can be touched gently and with great care by visitors while wearing gloves.
    • Objects cannot be removed from their location by visitors.
    • Visitors cannot have food or drink in the collection storage space.
    • Visitors must be respectful of others in the collection area by not talking on the phone or talking loudly to others in the space.
    • Visitors must clear their space after use.
    • Visitors must respect that others in the space are working and may not be able to answer questions at that time.
  • * Required

If during the academic semester you do not receive a response within 5 business days, please contact Dr. Kelly Reddy-Best at

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Textiles and Clothing Museum

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Please check the Visiting/Engaging with the Museum page for hours and the Galleries page for dates when the exhibitions are open for viewing.