Lectra Modaris Computer-Aided Design Software

The apparel design students use the Lectra Modaris software in courses. The Lectra programs offer an integrated connection between software for realistic garment and product representation of textile developments in a mill or factory-ready format. Lectra Modaris allows apparel designers and product developers to:

  • Create, alter, and manipulate garment patterns
  • Create cutting layouts
  • Grade garment patterns into a variety of sizes
  • Marker making for product development

Browzwear Software and Fabric Analyzer

The apparel design students use the Browzwesr software in design courses. The Browzwear offers VSTitcher, 3D software for apparel design and development. Browzwear allows apparel designs to:

  • Create endless iterations and share 3D designs instantly across the organization by leveraging a true-to-life digital sample
  • Streamline processes and confidently make decisions by conducting accurate fit and styling validation on a digital twin of the physical garment
  • Showcase collections digitally and gain customer feedback before production 

The Browzwear Fabric Analyzer (FAB) is a robust system that gives user the ability to accurately determine all of the physical properties of any fabric from its thickness to the stretch and bend. The data accumulated is then translated into a visual image in a matter of minutes. The values are then automatically loaded into VStitcher or other 3D clothing design software applications. 

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