Body Scanning Technology

Body scanning is a rapid and precise way of generating 3-D images of people in a stationary position. The scanner scans the whole body in less than 15 seconds and rapidly produces a true-to-scale 3-D body model.

The VITUS Smart 3D full-body scanner and Anthroscan measurement analysis software is currently housed in the apparel, events, and hospitality management (AESHM) department at Iowa State University, and it is used in the design and development of products.

Researchers using this technology often combine it with advanced data simulation software and computer-aided design (CAD) to turn numeric data into 3-D forms to produce new design products.

The uses of the 3-D body model are varied, including:

  • Custom fitting apparel
  • Sizing surveys: SizeUSA
  • Apparel sizing standards development
  • 3-D product development, including apparel, automotive seating, and other equipment applications
  • Body shape analysis
  • Animation and graphics
  • Health and fitness management
  • Medical applications
  • Computer gaming immersion

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