College of Human Sciences and Tatung University announce partnership in hosting an entrepreneurship and innovation workshop

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Iowa State University College of Human Sciences and Tatung University proudly announce their partnership in hosting an enriching and transformative summer workshop aimed at fostering entrepreneurial brilliance and fostering cross-cultural innovation. With a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of visionary leaders, the workshop promises to be an extraordinary platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to explore, create, and collaborate.

Led by the faculty members of Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management (AESHM) Department, Associate Professors Joan Su and Ken Tsai, aptly named the “An Entrepreneurial Journey through Cultural Immersion Summer Workshop” brings together the academic excellence and entrepreneurial mindset students from Tatung University to provide a unique and comprehensive learning experience. The workshop was conducted from July 10 to July 21, and during the workshop, students engaged in a series of interactive sessions, practical workshops, and mentorship opportunities led by esteemed faculty and the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship.

Pappajohn Center director Judi Eyles spent several days leading the students through an entrepreneurial workshop. “The students worked hard all week participating in hands-on entrepreneurship learning activities and then putting their innovative minds to work solving real problems they see in their own communities. I truly hope the students think seriously about pursuing their business concepts, because their presentations and solutions were amazing!”

“Entrepreneurship knows no boundaries, and this collaboration with Tatung University aligns perfectly with our mission to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and drive innovation,” said Dr. Linda Niehm, Interim Department Chair of AESHM and Regents Professor of Entrepreneurship and Retailing at Iowa State University. “We envision this workshop as a stepping stone for entrepreneurs to broaden their horizons, understand global market dynamics, and create impactful solutions,” said Dr. Li-Shan Chou, Department Chair of Kinesiology at Iowa State University and the alumnus of Tatung University.

“Entrepreneurship is a driving force behind economic growth and societal progress. Through this partnership with Tatung University, we are excited to bring together our collective knowledge, resources, and passion to cultivate a new wave of visionary leaders,” said Dr. Joan Su, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Education in Event Management Program in AESHM Department at Iowa State University and the chair of steering committee of the summer workshop. “I believe this summer workshop empowers students from to think creatively, build resilient ventures, and tackle real-world challenges,” said Dr. Ken Tsai, Associate Professor and Director of Event Management Program in AESHM Department at Iowa State University and the co-organizers of the summer workshop.

The collaboration between Iowa State University and Tatung University marks the beginning of a promising journey towards sustained cross-cultural partnerships. This joint effort embodies the essence of mutual learning, cultural exchange, and entrepreneurship, aiming to establish a lasting impact on the participating entrepreneurs and the communities they serve.

About Tatung University: Tatung University is a renowned private university dedicated to fostering academic excellence and promoting entrepreneurship in Taiwan. The university’s focus on holistic education and innovative thinking has contributed significantly to its reputation as a top institution in the region.