Sylvia Brown

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: The Navigators
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Ames
Timeframe: Fall
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


-Take detailed notes during all processes and after event -Work closely and communicate with Navigator staff supervisor May -Create/Update host home registration form -Organize/Update invitation list -Design, Mail-Merge, and Send recruiting/promo email -Design postcard invitations August -Mail-Merge and Send postcard invitations -Design, Mail-Merge, and Send official email invitation -Learn and master database of contacts/learn necessary technology September -Design, Mail-Merge, and Send prayer emails -Recruit and coordinate a team of people to help call for recruiting -Update Host Dinner Guide for families -Create and build information packets for each host home -Partner with Small Group Coordinator for mutual meetings and all communications with small group leaders -Create a system for small group thank-yous to be written and collected during event, and effectively communicate October -Design, Mail-Merge, and Send information/itinerary emails -Personally respond to host homes about specifics (max number they can host; confirming directions; questions they have) -Communicate details and expectations in a large group setting to small group leaders (students) about their host home -Assign host homes (based on dietary needs in groups, location of homes, school preferences, and small group sizes) -Recruit and coordinate a team of people to help with executing the event -Event management and execution of logistics - adjust assigned host homes as problems and cancellations arise during event -Design, Mail-Merge, and Send thank-you email post event -Create/Update survey for host homes post event November -Create and manage a system for gathering new contacts in Des Moines for the future of host dinners -Personally call/email/communicate with potential new contacts in Des Moines and empower them to help recruit -Design and create a Save the Date email for Des Moines contacts


My greatest accomplishment would be having the event happen. For this event, I was in charge of the thank you envelopes. We were able to stuff all the thank you's into the envelopes without missing any. This meant that we were able to not put any groups/teams on the screen and try to track them down. I also ran the meeting for the small group leaders (the people with the thank you's) This meeting was so smooth and there were only a few questions. Having that meeting and then seeing it pay off because of the ease of stuffing the envelopes was a great accomplishment.

Learning experience

Integrity is key when dealing with people. Respect and being reliable are all so crucial when it comes to meetings with others and helping the event run smoothly. I learned how changing plans usually causes more miscommunication between a lot of people involved. I know that clearly communicating expectations and delegating tasks is a necessity when it comes to working with a supervisor.

What advice would you give?

Treat an internship like it is a high priority, no matter if you think it is or not. Having a professional mindset even if you're dealing with really nice people will show how much you respect them. Respecting those who are "above" you is not a degrading thing, it's actually something that's a great place to be in! You can learn so much from observing whoever is leading you.

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