Shelby Christians

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: Johnson Brothers Distributing
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Timeframe: Fall 2019
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


Support in-store tastings Complete sales training modules Achieve sales objectives Build and maintain relationships Actively sell and pitch current and new products Serve accounts on a regular schedule Merchandise shelves with strategic shelf placement Maintain cold boxes and build displays Stock inventories across accounts Maintain up-to-date awareness of company activities, industry trends and government regulations Present at the end of summer group project Attend sales meetings, presentations, and seminars throughout the summer I have also been working to help set up events sponsored by the company and our partners. As well as working with brand mangers to evaluate POS systems.


My greatest accomplishment so far was being appointed this summer's share caption by the other interns. This entails collecting pictures and concerns/questions from other interns to share on our social media and with supervisors.

Learning experience

Introduce yourself to everyone. Networking is everything and can bring you a lot of opportunities. Connecting with people can get you very far in the industry. By creating meaningful interactions with co-workers and clients you can have great success in the workplace and industry as a whole. Also during these 10 weeks work as hard as you can even if you hate the job. It will reflect good on you in the long run.

What advice would you give?

This was the Internship I really wanted but had no idea if I would get it. Apply for internships anyway even if you think you may not get it. I would also encourage interns to look for jobs out of state or in a different area. This helps you to meet more people you would not have before and can give you an idea of what life may be like living somewhere else post grad.

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