Parker Maurer

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: Amana Colonies Visitors Center
Destination: Amana, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


For my internship I help plan and execute events in the Amanas. This summer I have gotten to help with Wurst Fest, BRIC, and Oktoberfest. Some responsibilities I uphold are working with vendors for the events, attending executive meetings and listen in to help give ideas and just see what is going on, make phone calls and send emails to individuals we work with in the festival planning process, as well as helping organize bills and documents as well. I also go around town and update people on the visitors center.


The greatest accomplishment (so far) of my experience was getting to help plan Wurst Fest which had over 2500 attendees that afternoon. It was a great event and I got to help set-up, tear-down, as well as hold the activities and make sure everyone was fully stocked and prepared. I felt proud the event went great and it couldn't have gone any smoother for my first event. My boss and lead event planner in the office complimented me on my hard work and help and it felt great.

What advice would you give?

Some advice I have for future students is share your ideas and don't be afraid to speak up, employers like hearing from us and seeing what we're learning. Another thing is be organized and don't procrastinate. It helps the process go so much smoother when you have a set schedule and do what you're supposed to right away instead of putting it off.

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