Olivia Morini

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: White Willow Events
Company/Organization website: https://whitewilloweventsia.com/
Destination: Des Moines, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer 2021
Advisor/Coordinator Email: briaj


My internship at White Willow Events has prepared me with not only the basics of wedding and special events planning, but with a passion for planning as well. My responsibilities throughout the months have varied but typically included pulling decor or product that will be used for an event, organizing and taking inventory of products, helping with all aspects of setting up and tearing down an event, creating flower arrangements, and even getting the chance to coordinate multiple times with a Consultant at White Willow. There were many different opportunities to gain knowledge in a specific area of expertise such as social media, event sales, event design, and many more by sitting in on meetings or calls with the consultants at White Willow which allows for a great way to narrow down passions in an industry with so many branches to explore.


Throughout my internship, I feel as though I grew in my confidence tremendously which I think is one of my greatest accomplishments. This experience was new and exciting and I felt as though I bought into the opportunity one hundred percent. I found many other small accomplishments throughout the weeks like problem solving a catering issue at a wedding, proposing creative ideas, and being eager to learn.

Learning experience

There were many lessons that I learned from my experience at my internship. This industry is fast paced and meticulous which taught me quickly how important it is to be organized. I learned that it is ok to ask questions and to clarify details rather than be wrong. It is so crucial to get the little things right that it is ok to take the extra mile or even a few extra minutes to accomplish whatever that may be.

What advice would you give?

Some of the best advice I could give for future students in my major would be to stay focused and be observant throughout your internship. There are many different aspects to this industry like communication, problem solving, being creative, etc. By observing your peers and supervisors on how they react to situations or prefer to set up a certain area of a venue, you can gain even more knowledge than what they will personally teach you. This could even give you the opportunity to know what needs to be done without being asked or resolve an issue before it is well known.

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