Miranda Benton

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: Iowa State University Alumni Center
Destination: Ames, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2023
Advisor/Coordinator Email: jbeyer


Many of my responsibilities revolve around communication. On regular days I will email clients, reach out to caterers, and create banquet event orders. Communication and listening skills are both crucial in my internship because it is up to us to help clients out with the event they wish to host. Another responsibility is creating diagrams of the space; diagrams can become tedious due to fluctuating head counts until a week out or simply becoming creative with the event space in new ways. Finally, other responsibilities include assisting clients with the event day-of setup and tear down. This is when the event comes to life!


My greatest accomplishment has been my increased comfortability with communication through email and face-to-face interaction in a professional manner. I also successfully planned an event from beginning to end with highly satisfied clients, managed other students during shifts to complete tasks and to-dos, and communicated with outside vendors on arrival times and venue policies. Before working at the Alumni Center, my confidence in my event knowledge was questionable but I have since been able to implement and apply my skills at work! These accomplishments have helped me validate my career path and how I see myself moving forward.

Learning experience

A few lessons I have learned so far within this internship have been in relation to communication. Communication is a valuable asset to have within the event industry because most communication is through email. Within emails, you want to make sure you are not repeating yourself from previous emails unless needed. It is crucial to understand what part in the event planning process you are at for each client. Along with that, building relationships within your department is so nice to have in your workplace. Your coworkers can answer questions and concerns, but also make the environment feel fun and inviting. Outside of the department is a greater step due to events needing all aspects of the building. Our marketing specialist who is on a different floor, creates the signage for our events, so we are always in communication with her and troubleshooting problems. Moto: “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

What advice would you give?

Internships are great experience - you do lots of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that are outside of your description, and that is okay! You have to work for your experience. In the event industry, you need to gain experience by doing things like talking to your clients, email your vendors, and communicating outside of your department.

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