Marissa Carlson

Major: Hospitality Management
Company/Organization: Horseshoe Bay Golf Club
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Egg Harbor, Wisconsin
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


As the Food and Beverage Intern at Horseshoe Bay Golf Club, I am responsible for day to day managerial operations for the Main Clubhouse, Murphy’s Grille and the Beach Club. I am responsible for ensuring lunch service runs smoothly, assist servers when needed, expedite in the kitchen, as well as communicate directly with our Chef. For dinner service, I am responsible for creating a seating chart, greeting and seating members, completely table touches, resolving any member issues, communicating with our Food and Beverage Manager, expediting in the kitchen and communicating with staff. After the first few weeks of the internship, I have been responsible for managing dinner service as the closing manager, completing end of shift paper work, checking staff out, and locking and arming the Main Clubhouse or Beach Club. You will also assist the Catering and Events manager in setting up for any events (member or non-member) when necessary. Additional responsibilities are given by the Food and Beverage Manager, Catering and Events Manager and General Manager when needed.


was setting a new record for a la carte with 168 covers in one night! It may not seem like a lot of covers but this is a lot more than the normal weekend nights for Horseshoe Bay. This was also a huge accomplishment for me since I was one of the main managers on duty that night.

What advice would you give?

This industry is exhausting which is why you should treat it like a marathon and not a sprint. Take time and make sure your great workers are getting the rest they need to run the marathon and not quit half way through. Also, if you aren't having fun then take a step back and make the little things fun! If you are working with clubs enjoy those interactions with the members and get to know them since they are amazing people with interesting stories. It will make work a thousand times better serving them if you know them.

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