Madison Nelson

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: Center Grove Orchard
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Cambridge, IA
Timeframe: Fall
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


My daily responsibilities included checking Ticketleap for newly booked events, adding new events to Basecamp and email all staff member involved with event, prepare welcome porch/campfire for customers attending, clean up area that group used, take food inventory each night, and in charge of closing duties once group has left their event. Have excellent communication with all staff members is a key aspect. Adapting to weather changes and being creative with solutions.


One of my greatest accomplishments from my internship experience was getting to help plan grandparent's weekend. Myself and the other intern were allowed full control with contacting vendors, making flyers, posting on social media and set up/tear down for the day of. We were able to create activities for all ages and adapt the poor weather that weekend and still be able to complete all activities we envisioned. After completed that weekend, I felt that the events and activities were successful on top of other booked events that were also occurring that weekend as well. Time management was the key to my success.

What advice would you give?

My advice for future students would be to stay open-minded about this internship. It may not be the first internship in mind when looking, but it truly test all skills we have learned so far in college courses. It is a well rounded internship and will open your eyes on what you may like and don't like for future jobs or internships. Another advice is being flexible with your internship and gain the most experience you can while still in control of all college courses and being a full time student.

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