Madison Kloubec-Moore

Major: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
Company/Organization: Buckle
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Timeframe: Summer 2020
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


After reading Buckle's mission and vision statement I was put to the test on the sales floor to get familiarized with Buckle's customer base and the merchandise within the store. Weekly, I checked the iPad to view important information from corporate about visual merchandising and important updates for the system. A part of my internship was getting some of my friends into the store and setting up denim fit appointments so that they too become familiar with the merchandise Buckle has to offer.


My greatest accomplishment from my experience at the Buckle was that I was free to move merchandise in the store as long as it made sense, there was room and it kept a flow in the store. Revamping end caps, mannequins, jewelry towers and walls allowed me to express my fashion creativity and work on my merchant skills.

Learning experience

Greatest lessons learned is that teamwork can really help impact a sale, that way when you have 2 people looking to satisfy a customer you can show them twice as much merchandise. I also learned to not be afraid to 'go for no' which means to not be afraid to show your customer a garment that they may not like. I also learned that sometimes getting your customer to come out of their comfort zone with clothing can really create a special experience for you and your clientele.

What advice would you give?

My advise for future students is that you should just do the work you where given, take notes, uses and apply your knowledge to the real deal and don't be afraid to ask for help because the more you do something, the better you get at it.

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