Kenedy Wright

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: OLLY PBC
Company/Organization website:
Destination: San Francisco, California
Timeframe: Summer 2023
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


During my internship, I reported directly to the Executive Assistant to the CEO and was a part of the People + Environment team. As the Culture + Events intern, I helped OLLY by supporting their people initiatives with my main focus being their all-company summer offsite event! I was a part of the Funatics, helping to lead the overall planning and execution of the main event. I worked directly with several vendors, sorted key data in Excel, selected catering, transportation, AV systems, and decor.


Getting to fly out to San Francisco and attend the offsite event and see the office in person was my greatest accomplishment! Being able to see the event come to life and meet every employee was the best experience. I got to see my hard work throughout my internship first-hand and it was very rewarding! If I had to choose a specific accomplishment, it would be me creating several Microsoft Forms and sorting all of the data in Excel. It gave me great hands-on experience that actually made a large impact in the success of the event!

Learning experience

My greatest lessons I learned were making sure every task I was assigned was done quickly, efficiently, and with 110% effort. Working for a large company was intimidating at first, and I learned that as long as I knew that I put forth my all into everything I did that I would succeed!

What advice would you give?

Looking for internships can be a very large and daunting task at times! It’s very important that before you accept an offer that you are going to be in a position where your boss and team will be able to pour into you, guide you, and give you solid advice! The company culture is extremely important and sometimes overlooked. Event planning is so vast and there are lots of different opportunities in this industry. Being in a space where you feel like you will truly be able to grow is what will allow you to find out most what types of events speak to you & that you are most passionate about!

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