Kathleen Pelzer

Major: Event Management
Minor/option/emphasis: Financial Counseling and Planning
Company/Organization: The Inn on Fall River
Company/Organization website: https://www.innonfallriver.com/
Destination: Estes Park, Colorado
Timeframe: Summer 2023
Advisor/Coordinator Email: jbeyer@iastate.edu


As an event intern at The Inn on Fall River, I experience many aspects of the business. On days without weddings, I work at the front desk, coordinating daily check-ins and managing guest needs. I've learned how to use the computer programs the Inn employs, and I communicate with guests daily to offer help and give advice. I've even been working on a hiking recommendation book for guests. Additionally, we host smaller weekly events like live music which I get to help facilitate. Weddings are an all-day event and require us employees to be at our most alert and helpful. I get to help with the day-of coordination such as communicating with other vendors, the bridal party, and my co-workers. It's our job to make sure the day runs smoothly by having everything in its place at the right time. Another aspect of weddings is marketing them, so I was given the project of making a brochure for interested couples that details our property and its advantages.


One morning before work, one of my bosses asked me if I could organize a Pine Haven Party. These events are held at our sister property and are socials for the guests, including food and games. I asked when she wanted to host the event, and she suggested that night. It was short notice, but we had an impromptu meeting to work out the details. I made a list of all the items we would need and how we could advertise. We divided the work and by the end of the day we put on a very successful event. It was the first party they had hosted since Covid began and the guests seemed to enjoy themselves.

Learning experience

Being adaptable is essential in the event industry. In this career, you must be innovative to keep up with ever-changing trends. Thinking ahead and being able to accommodate your client's needs is critical to their happiness and your success. Additionally, you must adapt to unforeseen circumstances. For example, since the Inn on Fall River is an outdoor venue, we need plans for weather changes. The second lesson that has been valuable to me is that a good work ethic is more important than perfection. It's impossible to avoid mistakes. So you have to learn to pick yourself up, ask for help when needed, and move forward. Internships are an experience and a learning process. Having a strong resolve will help you grow.

What advice would you give?

Diversify your experiences. College and internships are the perfect time to explore your options and discover what you enjoy. Don't be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone because it could reveal something you didn't know you were passionate about. On the other hand, you can also learn a lot from an experience you don't necessarily enjoy. In past jobs, I realized I didn't love big weddings. I'm glad I discovered that sooner rather than later when I join the workforce.

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