Elizabeth Day


During my internship so far my responsibilities have consisted of attending Kohl's Intern Classes, shadowing my intern coach at the company, pulling reports from different software, doing retail math, and analyzing data.


My greatest accomplishment in my internship so far has been sitting in online finalization meetings for buying winter product. During this process I was able to share my opinion and have a hand in which merchandise was selected.

Learning experience

Some of the greatest lessons I have learned from my experience have been about communication and taking initiative. During my internship it has been incredibly important to meet and communicate with people by setting up "meet and greets" and making connections within the company so that my team gets to know me. These connections are something that requires you to take action and go out of your comfort zone to promote yourself. Other people in the company are not going to hold your hand and reach out to you, your success and how you excel in the company is in your own hands.

What advice would you give?

For future students in my major my greatest piece of advice would be to network anytime you can. Companies want their interns and employees to succeed. If you make connections and communicate with others about your goals, people will help you achieve them.

Career Connections