Chenyu Kang

Major: Hospitality Management
Company/Organization: Wisconsin country club
Destination: Milwaukee/ Wisconsin
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


The Wisconsin Club Internship Program is designed to expose interns to all aspects of the private club industry including food and beverage, golf, grounds maintenance, aquatics, fitness, tennis, and more. Interns will gain an overview of the private club organization, develop insight into how departments relate to each other and train with managers to learn effective industry practices. While the primary focus will be on food and beverage, a rotational schedule will be provided, and may also be adjusted based on goals presented by each intern.


I made an updated opening and closing procedures for the swimming pool cafe, I also developed a side work list which helps the swimming pool cafe run better.

What advice would you give?

My suggestion is that focusing on your internship. Learn everything you can and do not judge people. Ask more questions!

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