Allie Mengler

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: Cedar Point
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Sandusky, Ohio
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


Interns play a key role in executing Cedar Point’s signature events (such as Brew and BBQ Festival, Cedar Point Nights, VIP Tours, etc.). They work closely with Marketing, Catering and others to ensure signature events are exceeding standards. They also provide the Best Day Experience to our guests as an ambassador for the park, resolving guest conflict, and gaining important creative problem solving skills. Interns will also have the following duties: setup and tear-down any equipment needed for the signature event; assist in coordinating with Marketing and Catering departments to ensure superior execution of signature events; lead VIP tours of the park, including our exclusive Sunrise Thrills tour program; aid guests in Guest Services office when needed; complete a capstone project in coordination with Internship Advisor; provide feedback and suggestions in post-event reviews to improve future events; assist in the operational components of the event, such as selling tickets, engaging with guests at the events, distributing wristbands, and keeping the event area clean and organized; resolve guest conflict and takes appropriate action to answer and resolve guest questions and complaints; assist guests with lost and found items; answer and directs incoming guest phone calls while in the Call Center in a pleasant and efficient manner; effectively communicate ride admission programs and distributes brochures and disability guides; provide guest service according to Cedar Fair standards when serving the guest or working with subordinates, including initiating guest interactions, answering questions and giving directions; operate cash register to assist the guest in ticketing requests; processes payments of cash, credit cards, checks and makes correct change; meet scheduling availability requirements, including nights, weekends, and holiday periods to meet business needs; assist as needed in Admissions/Park Services duties; maintain a high degree of confidentiality of paperwork and other park information


Getting first hand knowledge of what it takes to run a full event successfully. It is so interesting being front row on all these events and knowing this is what the industry is really like and what my future is full of. Another accomplishment is making great professional contacts and networking with other students in my major. We get to work with people that are very successful and it is so cool that I can say that I worked along side of them.

What advice would you give?

Don't be afraid to speak up. If you have a question, ask it. If you are confused about why you are doing something one way and not another, talk to your supervisor. All the interns I work with and myself bring things up that we could change or modify all the time and our managers like that. We are fresh eyes that bring new and different views to the process and they like that. I also advise you to be yourself from day one. Let people know how you work and talk, don't try to act like you know everything because your manager might believe you and in the future a time will come when you won't know how to do something and things will go down hill.

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