Adrianna Correa

Major: Event Management
Company/Organization: Puerto Rico Convention Center (AEG Facility)
Company/Organization website:
Destination: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Timeframe: Summer
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


As the events intern, my responsibilities consist of participating in internal and client meetings, helping produce overviews, floor plans, & event documents, and assisting in the planning and execution of the events at the PRCC. During event days, I am responsible for making sure that event spaces are correctly set up as it is on the floor plan, verifying that public areas are clean and presentable, and checking that food orders are placed on time.


One of the greatest accomplishments during my internship has been seeing events come to life. Before being an intern at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, I attended events in the building and only saw the end result of each event and did not pay much attention to the amount of work that goes into them. Now as an intern, I have had the rewarding experience to see everything that goes on behind the scenes starting from the planning, to communicating with the client, and working alongside my coworkers in order to execute each event as best as possible.

Learning experience

The importance of customer service and communication. In the events industry we get the opportunity to work with all kinds of customers and throughout this experience something that I learned is that we should treat every customer with respect and make ourselves available to answer any questions that they may have prior, during, and after the event. Effective communication is crucial in this industry and throughout this internship I have been able to improve my communications skills by better communicating with my coworkers and the different clients.

What advice would you give?

An advice that I have for future students completing their internship is, do not be afraid to ask questions! Your coworkers and supervisor would be more than happy to answer questions that you may have throughout your internship. Another advice would be to always have a positive attitude towards everything you do!

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