Tips for Canvas Questions and Quizzes

September 19, 2018

Reduce errors and confusion in your online quizzes by understanding how Canvas works. Question response options are not displayed with any type of preceding character (no A., B., C.) so either reword answer options so they don’t refer to these letters or manually add the letters to the front of the relevant responses (‘apple’ becomes ‘A. apple’). If you are allowing multiple submission attempts, only include questions that will grade automatically, use question groups so that questions display in random order, and preferably are selected from a larger pool of questions, and limit feedback to just the total score on the quiz (no answers provided during quiz taking window). In the quiz setting, do not select ‘shuffle answers’ unless you are certain that no question in the quiz has answers based on response order, such as ‘None of the above,’ ‘All of the above,’ and ‘Only A and C.’

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