Quiz time accommodations

September 18, 2020

If a student has a documented need for extra time on an online exam, you can easily make this arrangement in Canvas. Create, assign, save, and publish the quiz in the normal way. After saving and publishing you should be on the quiz overview page – you can also get to the overview page by clicking the Quizzes link in the Course Menu, then clicking on the name of the exam. Click the “Moderate This Quiz” link in the right hand menu. Find the student’s name and click the pencil icon in their row to edit their individual settings. Add the extra time they should receive, above and beyond the regular allotted time limit. Save this value – this returns you to the Moderate This Quiz panel that lists all class members. Verify that the extra time listed on the class roster for the student is correct. Follow the More link to review this and other Canvas Quiz tips in the Online & Distance Learning unit’s Tech Tips site.

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