Link validator

November 5, 2019

To check your course for broken links, go to Settings then click the ‘Validate Link in Content’ link in the far right menu. The checker looks at both unpublish and publish content, which is another good reason for clearing out older, unused content. Some issues may be reported that are not actual problems to your students, but pay attention if there is a link that is going to a different course! Students can generally NOT access content stored in other courses. This problem occurs when a Page with links to other Files or Pages is copied to a new course account. These links need to be edited and directed to content stored in the new course. You can verify that links don’t work if you switch to Student View. Instructors can have Canvas alert them via email to content errors that students run into by going to Account > Notifications > scroll down and set the ‘Content Link Error’ notification to either immediate (check mark) or daily summary (clock face).

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