Gradebook updates

October 4, 2019

Last month a tip was provided that explained how to use ISU AdminTools to make a student group column in the gradebook. Canvas has now added this feature into the View > Filters menu. Click Grades > Views > Filters > indicate whether you wish to categorize the grade book by Assignment Group, Module, or Student Group. Each choice creates a drop-down menu on the upper right of the grade table. Use the drop-down menu to select the specific group or module to display. You can have more than one filter on at a time, so you could look at Module 5 and Student Group 1 members only, then switch the filter to Student Group 2 members for the same module, or trace the performance of one group of students through several modules. Another new gradebook feature is that you can open the menu in the Student Name header cell > Secondary info > select additional information to display in the Student Name cell, such as ISU netID and group membership(s).

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