Grad School Lunch and Learn

October 20, 2021

If you’ve ever considered grad school, come have lunch with us and learn more about the in-person, remote and hybrid graduate programs offered by Iowa State!

On Wednesday, Nov. 3, from noon to 12:50, College of Human Sciences’ faculty and current graduate students will be sharing information and answering your questions.

Lunch is on us so be sure to RSVP using this form.

Once you have RSVP, you will receive more information about where the location is. 

We’ll answer questions like:

What can I do with a graduate degree in Human Sciences?

How is graduate school different from being an undergrad?

How do I pay for grad school?

Should I go straight to grad school or work first?

Does it matter what undergrad degree I have?

Explore all graduate programs here and RSVP today!

Our mission is to expand human potential and improve people’s lives. Take the time to let us help you expand your potential by joining us for lunch and learning more about graduate programs.

Contact Details:

Name: Katie Mott
Phone: 515-294-5397