Displaying groups in grade book

September 17, 2019

If you have placed students into work groups in Canvas, it is helpful to have each student’s group listed in the grade book. To display a group name column in the grade book click the ISU AdminTools link in your course menu > Additional Course Settings > click the red OFF icon by the group set name. Clicking the OFF icon toggles it to the green ON position. (If your course uses more than one group set, you can selectively decide which group sets to display in the grade book.) In your course, click Grades in the course menu and you will see a new text column between the student name column and the first assignment column. You can drag the header cell wide if the group names are not fully visible. To sort the group column, click in the header cell then press the ‘S’ key on the keyboard. Repeating the sort reverses the sort order.

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