Avoid grade errors – #2: Verify that Canvas is calculating letter grades according to your syllabus policy

January 16, 2020

The start of the semester is the perfect — and correct — time to verify that your Canvas course is calculating student letter grades according to the policy you have set forth in your syllabus. Both the instructor and students implicitly understand that if a syllabus grade policy contains gaps — as is the case with C+=77-79%, B-=80-82%, B=83-86% — then actual grades falling in those gaps should be rounded up or down. However, that is not how Canvas works. Go to Settings > Course Details tab and click the ‘view grading scheme’ link. The pre-set range for each letter grade is shown. Canvas grade ranges are continuous and there is thus no rounding. For example: C+=77% up to but not including 80%, B-=80% up to but not including 83%, and B=83% up to but not including 87%. To make Canvas match your syllabus, you may need to (1) create and (2) activate a new grading scheme. Follow the MORE link for details.

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