Adding TAs and Co-Teachers to your course

August 30, 2019

To add participants other than registered students to your Canvas course, go into your course and click the ISU AdminTools link on the Course Menu. (If the ISU AdminTools link is not displaying, add it to the Course Menu by clicking Settings > Navigation tab (top) > dragging ISU AdminTools from the bottom table to the top table, scrolling down and clicking Save.) If prompted, click ‘Authorize.’ Click ‘Manage Additional People.’ For each new participant, enter their netID, specify their role, select enrollment section, then click the green ‘Add’ button. Typically, you’ll want to enroll them in ‘All Listed Sections.’ The new enrollment is listed on the lower part of the screen so you can verify that it is correct. IMPORTANT: The enrollment section with the same name as the Canvas account has NO students because it is not created from a Registrar section list – TAs must be added to the Registrar-based sections in order to see the students.

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